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Woolybutt Knitting is a Melbourne knitting shop with over 50 years of service to the knitting community. It’s a one-stop destination for wool & knitting needs.

Woolybutt Hours

  • Monday 10 - 5pm
  • Tuesday 10 - 5pm

    Knitting & Crochet Classes 10.30-12.30pm
    Crochet Classes only 5-8pm

  • Wednesday closed

    Crochet Classes 5-8pm
    Knitting Classes 6-8pm

  • Thursday 10 - 5pm
  • Friday 10 - 5pm
  • Saturday 10 - 3pm


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WoolyButt Haberdashery - Woolybutt stocks an extensive range of buttons and other craft accessories
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Woolybutt Knitting Story

Since 1973 we've been serving Melbourne's knitting community...

Established in 1973, Woolybutt has been a cornerstone of the Australian knitting community for over half a century. We are Australian family owned and operated.

With our roots in Melbourne, we’ve grown from a local favourite to a well-recognised brand, extending our reach through our online store.

Our name, Woolybutt, is inspired by the Eucalyptus longifolia, a species of eucalyptus tree commonly known as woollybutt. This tree, native to eastern Australia, is known for its rough, fibrous bark and beautiful white flowers, predominantly found on clay soils and floodplains.

At Woolybutt, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive knitting and haberdashery services. Our expert team is dedicated to supporting both local and international yarn suppliers. We also provide classes catering to all skill levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the art of knitting.

WoolyButt Knitting Lana Valo Home May 2024

About Lana

Meet Lana, The Owner Of Woolybutt Knitting

Lana has been a knitting and crocheting enthusiast since she was a young child, learning to knit and crochet from her grandmother.


"If you knit, crochet or just love yarn, do yourself a favour and block off an afternoon to explore Woolybutt. This place is a fibre artist’s heaven, and Lana the staff member who helped me is so knowledgeable and friendly!"
Georgia Baddeley
"I had a great experience. The staff were friendly and really great at getting me started for my first scarf. I will definitely be back"
Teresa Fitzpatrick
"A great place to shop for yarns and notions. Wise, experienced staff are generous with their time, encouragement, enthusiasm and advice - when asked"
Jennie Rosenthal
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