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Woolybutt's accessories include patterns, handcrafted gifts, knitted toys, kits, stitch markers, row counters, tape measures and scissors.

Woolybutt's Accessories

Woolybutt is a true haven for knitting enthusiasts, and boasts an exciting range of accessories to enhance your knitting experience.

Whether you’re looking for patterns to inspire your creativity, handcrafted gifts to share with family and friends, or just knitted toys for a touch of whimsy, Woolybutt has got you covered.

Take your knitting to the next level with Woolybutt’s!

KnitPro Gift Sets J'Adore Cubic Needles-2

KnitPro Gift Sets J'Adore Cubic Needles

Needles & Hooks

The KnitPro Gift Sets J'Adore Cubic Needles, as its name suggests, is an ideal present for mothers. This cubic needle set, made from wood in a stunning lavender hue, is...


WoolyButt Knitting Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers


Woolybutt also offers a great selection of quality stitch markers for all your needs. Stitch Markers are often used to mark the end of a row when knitting in the...


Seasonal Gifts at Woolybutt

Seasonal gifts


Knitted handcrafts are items that are made by knitting yarn or wool with needles or a machine. Knitting is a relaxing and creative hobby that can produce beautiful and useful...


Patons patterns are a collection of knitting and crochet patterns that showcase the quality and versatility of Patons yarns.

Patons Patterns


Patons patterns offer a range of projects for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and for all occasions, from baby to adult, and from home to fashion. Whether you...


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“More yarn choices than you could ever imagine. The owner of the store was incredibly helpful, kind, and patient. Lots of needle choices and pattern books.”


“Very inspiring place, helpful staff..... Nice place to be for inspiration.. Bought some lovely wool to keep me busy and satisfied.”

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