Woolybutt-Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

Woolybutt Products: J’Adore Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

J’Adore Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set - from KnitPro

The J’Adore Cubics Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set from KnitPro is a high-quality knitting tool set that offers a unique and comfortable knitting experience. Here are some key features of this product:

Needle Tips: The set includes seven pairs of needle tips ranging in size from 4.0mm to 8.0mm12.
Cables: It comes with four black nylon-covered stainless steel swivel cables with matte gold connectors. The cables come in two lengths: 40cm (2 nos.) and 50cm (2 nos.).

Accessories: The set includes eight end caps and four cable keys.

Material: The needles are made from laminated beechwood, which gives them an attractive timber grain.

Shape: The needles feature a unique square cross-section, providing a comfortable grip that is easy on the hands. This makes them an excellent choice for knitters experiencing hand strain and arthritis.

Packaging: The needle sizes, cables, and accessories are packed in a purple fabric case. The case is perfect for storage and knitting on the go.

This set is a fabulous offering from KnitPro. The unique cuboid shape of the needles, combined with the polished wood surface, works effortlessly with every type of yarn for an enjoyable knitting experience.

They also hold knitting beautifully, giving improved stitch definition and minimising the risk of dropped stitches.

The tapered points are honed for perfection and effortless knitting.

Please note that the specified cable length is inclusive of the knitting needle length. It is advisable to lift your knitting by the knitting, not just by the needles.

KnitPro offers a quality-driven, innovative approach to knitting and crochet tools and accessories, offering great products at an attractive price.

Their products are made in an eco-friendly family-owned enterprise that supports inclusion, human rights, and fair wage employment for women

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