Woolybutt Knitting is a proud supplier of Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport 5 ply, a sport weight yarn that was first introduced in June 2018.

Woolybutt Products: Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport 5 Ply Experience the Unparalleled Comfort

Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport 5 ply

Woolybutt Knitting is a proud supplier of Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport 5 ply, a sport weight yarn that was first introduced in June 2018. This Italian-made yarn is composed of 55% Merino Wool, 33% Acrylic, and 12% Cashmere, making it extremely plush, soft, and cozy.

The yarn is available in a wide range of colours, each skein providing a generous 125 metres. It’s an easy-care machine washable yarn, making it a great choice for baby knits. However, its versatility extends beyond just baby items – it’s also fantastic for knitting garments and accessories for kids and adults alike, thanks to its comfort when worn next to the skin.

The suggested knitting gauge for Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport is 2.26-2.56 stitches per centimetre, and the suggested crochet gauge is 6.3-7.9 stitches per 10cm. It’s used in various knitting patterns, including designs like the Tabitha Pullover, Georgia Cardigan, Judy Tween Sweater & Cap, and many more.

Reviews on platforms like Ravelry suggest that knitters appreciate the softness and quality of this yarn.

Excitingly, this yarn is stocked at Woolybutt Knitting, both in-store and online, making it easily accessible for all your knitting project needs.

Please note that the exact specifications and characteristics may vary slightly depending on the dye lot and monitor display. Always make sure to buy enough yarn for your project, as dye lots can vary, and it may be difficult to match the colour exactly later on.

Visit us at Woolybutt Knitting, either in-store or online, to explore our range of Ella Rae Cashmereno Sport 5 ply yarn and let your creativity run wild.

Woolybutt Knitting also offers knitting and crochet classes, repair and dry cleaning services, and custom-made garments for those who want a personal touch.

Woolybutt Knitting is not just a store, it is a family. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you with your questions and challenges, and the regular customers are like old friends who share their passion and creativity.

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