Patons Totem Merino 8ply


Patons Totem Merino 8 Ply is a classic choice for knitting and crochet projects. The 100% Merino wool composition makes it extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It’s also machine washable, making it a practical choice for everyday items like sweaters and blankets.

The “8 Ply” refers to the yarn thickness. In general, the higher the ply number, the thicker the yarn. So, an 8 ply yarn is medium-thickness and is commonly used for garments and accessories like scarves, hats, and mittens.

The term “crepe” in “8 ply crepe” refers to the texture of the yarn. Crepe yarn is made by twisting some strands of yarn in one direction, then plying them together in the opposite direction. This gives the yarn a distinctive crimped appearance and texture, and it often has a slightly pebbled or nubby surface.

The Patons Totem Merino 8 Ply is known for its wide range of colors, which gives you plenty of options for your projects. Whether you’re looking for vibrant hues or subtle neutrals, you’re likely to find a color that suits your needs.

Lastly, the fact that this yarn has been around for over 90 years speaks to its enduring quality and popularity among knitters and crocheters. It’s a tried-and-true favorite for many crafters due to its versatility, durability, and comfort.

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Patons Totem Merino 8 Ply: This is an easy-care, machine-washable pure wool yarn in an 8 ply crepe. It’s made of 100% Merino Wool. The ball size is 95m / 50g. This yarn has been around for over 90 years, and it’s available in a wide range of colours

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions12 × 15 × 12 cm

cream 0100, mauve 4427, orange 4419


8 ply

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Patons Totem Merino 8plyPatons Totem Merino 8ply