Wooden Knitting Needles


Woolybutt offers a variety of wooden knitting needles from different brands, such as Clover, Brittany, and KnitPro. You can choose from different sizes, lengths, and types, such as straight, circular, or double-pointed. Woolybutt also provides free patterns and expert advice to help you create stunning projects with wooden knitting needles. Visit Woolybutt today and discover the beauty and benefits of wooden knitting needles. Woolybutt – the one-stop wool and craft shop.

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Wooden knitting needles are a natural and eco-friendly choice for knitters who love the feel and warmth of wood. Wooden knitting needles are smooth, lightweight, and comfortable to hold, making them ideal for long knitting sessions. Wooden knitting needles also have a slight grip, which helps to prevent stitches from slipping off.

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Wooden Knitting NeedlesWooden Knitting Needles